We play live


On the 2nd of june we have one of our rare gigs.

We were invited to perform in GOLDGRUBE/Kassel.

We hope that many of you come there and support this concert.

It will be together with BAD KITTENS who play a crazy mixture between punk and sickness.

Recording continues


Niko was a bit sick, so we used this time to continue recording another song from our list.

This time it's a song called Alcatraz.

Drum and bass were already finished. Now guitar and vocals has been added.

Next week we can start with the mixdowm of this masterpiece.

Guestbook available


Now we have a nice guestbook on our homegage.

Ok, nothing revolutionary, but we would be happy if you drop us a line or two.

Just to know what you think. We are looking forward to read from you.

Release of new song


It took a while, but today our new masterpiece is published.

With every song we try to improve the sound and technic of production and mixing.

Feel free to download the song and to send us your feedback.

We are also looking for some gigs. We certainly won't disappoint you.

Recording of a new song finished


Last Weekend we finished the recordings for a new somg called DOWNFALL.

At least Dully recorded the guitar solos. Now it's mixing time.

In the next weeks this new weapon will be released.

New Song released


Today we release a brand new song called demons.

We recorded it in our own studio and mixed it also there.

Are you ready for the Float ?

New Homepage released

After 2 years of rehearsing the Float are back.
Louder and harder than ever before.

Here you can listen to our new songs.